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And With These Words, You Found My Site?

:: I’m checking statistics for my site, and decided to see what phrases people are searching that brings them to my site. Here are a few gems:

    laugh it up fuzzball – someone searching for Harrison Ford?
    cibc sucks – who doesn’t know?
    sore shoulder blade – that would be mine, lately
    sk8ter shoes – Avril helped me buy them
    krispy kreme edmonton – soon, I hope
    why cows hate winter – because it’s cold?
    my eye hurts – stop sticking needles in it
    animal testicles – no comment
    the worst version of o holy night – it’s bad, real bad
    posh spice saskatchewan – wasn’t aware she’d moved there
    funny ebay beanie babies – aren’t they all?
    reichardt duck farm – for all your California duck needs
    gratuitous umlaut – one too many dots
    jimmy mackenzie is hot – could be, but he does nothing for me
    winter in google – google is a place, now?
    its coming sshhh – walk on your tippy toes
    amanda bynes email adress phone – how’d they know she’s my roommate?
    teh passion-mel gibson – is that the sequel to The Passion?
    shampooed in ketchup – fetish revealed!
    my car spun – sorry to hear that
    distended stomach worms – watch for their new album, out in January
    day bing cosby died – Bing Cosby? Did Bill and Bing have a kid?
    lyrics of shout shout let it all out – these are the things I can do without
    sack of wet mice – “He’s about as sharp as a…”
    beanie baby ex-wife – beanie baby divorces are the worst
    bank of montreal sucks – I sense a theme here
    frustrated pissed off screaming – try Zoloft or Prozac
    ass wipe greeting cards – new Hallmark division?
    the boobs of jennifer lopes – can’t anyone spell anymore?
    bill o reilly door mat – I’ll take one
    self-cleaning dinner table – I’ll take one
    the pain the pain – Dr Smith is in the house
    rocky and bullwinkle in edmonton – they put on a great show!
    the actress of the ord of the rings – “Ord of the Rings”? Can’t anyone spell anymore?
    randy randy randy randy randy randy lyrics – what?
    stainless steel testicles – must belong to Ah-nold
    where can i find information on my eye and why it hurts? – I told you, take out the needles
    randy librarian alberta – i’m right here
    free funny christmas vidios – spelling, please!
    the matrix blows jon stewart – I hope he’s ok

The internet is a weird, wacky, wonderful place.

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