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Hurtin’ Unit

:: I reported earlier this week that my right eye was causing me some discomfort. I visited University Health Services on campus on Thursday morning, and the physician prescribed eye drops and eye cream. He noticed an abrasion on my iris, which I am aware of from visits to an optometrist in Edmonton some time ago. So I’m not sure if that’s the problem. It feels like there is a tiny pebble under my eyelid. Anyway, by yesterday morning, it began to feel better, and I had a good day. But at home last night, it started hurting again, and I had major difficulty trying to fall asleep last night. Of course, it’s the weekend, meaning seeing a specialist isn’t going to happen. So I’m going to debate what to do. I may go to Emergency at the U of Alberta Hospital, but that could mean sitting there for the rest of the day.

That’s not all. I started feeling tired and weak through the day yesterday, with a touch of a sore throat, stuffy nose. All the symptoms of an impending cold. Timing couldn’t be worse, next week is our heaviest teaching load of the year. So this boy is going to try to take care of himself this weekend, and eat lotsa good, healthy food, and double up on the Cold-FX.

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  1. jenB Says:

    the wait at the Mis’ Emerg would be much shorter. my doc always tells me to go there if need be, they have permanent ER staff instead of all the interns and students n such. i hope you feel better soon!

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