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Roll Those Credits

:: As a frequent movie goer, I tend to sit through a film until all the credits have appeared. All too often, there will be extra stuff like outtakes, or an extra scene when the credits have finished. There was an interesting article in the Sunday NYTimes (ID and PW: podbay) on how film credits are taking increasingly longer times to scroll because of the many categories and job titles listed. The article notes that in the credits for Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World, 16 alone were assigned to people working for Russell Crowe only: costumer, two hairstylists, makeup artist, two special makeup artists, stunt double, stand-in, dialect coach, trainer, swordsmater, three violin coaches, two assistants, as well as a company that provided his personal security. Credits for Star Wars in 1977 listed 143 people. By contrast, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, listed 559 names, Finding Nemo had 642, and The Matrix: Revolutions, listed 701. The article doesn’t list the number for the final LOTR movie, but notes that the credits take 9 minutes and 33 seconds to scroll. Be sure to check out the graphic that shows the difference in the length of credits between LOTR: TROTK and earlier films, such as Star Wars.

:: I’m still under the weather, fighting a cold and sore throat.

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