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Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards 2003

:: The Los Angeles Film Critics Association announced its 2003 LA Film Critic Awards. Best Picture went to American Splendor, Director to Peter Jackson, Actor to Bill Murray, and Actress to Naomi Watts. The Triplets of Belleville picked up two awards, for Best Animation and Best Music Score. Leonard Klady offers these observations on the awards and their impact, if any. Further award details here.

:: Movie City News maintains a 2003 Awards Scoreboard, where you can see statistics by individal film in categories of Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress and Screenplay. In addition, this nifty online publication, edited by David Poland, gathers together critics’ top ten lists. There are at least 275 Top Ten Lists provided. You can also see the films of 2003 assembled in a Big Chart based on top ten lists, or view by Point Total or Title. Not to be missed: The Big Scoreboard of Bad, and yes, Gigli was the winner. Some of the Top Ten Worst Films of 2003 lists are also provided.

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