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Out of It

:: A visit to my doctor yesterday confirmed that I have a flu bug, which, oddly enough, may have been the cause of my eye problem last week. I picked a lousy time to get sick, during one of the two busiest teaching weeks of the year at work. I feel like I’ve abandoned my colleagues. It feels more like a head cold than anything else, but I am bored and it is hard to concentrate on anything other than watching tv. So the only time I’m venturing outside is to rent movies. I watched Out Of Time last night, and thought it was quite good, a decent thriller involving arson, murder, and coverup afterwards. Denzel Washington continues to make good movies. Also, it’s nice out – 7C today (44.6F), and sunny (in contrast to the Eastern half of the continent, freezing in sub-zero tempertatures right now), and I’d rather be outside than inside.

:: The Edmonton Journal today published a letter written by my pal, Georges Giguere. The “friend’s automated Telus voice mail” of which he writes, was mine. While I never thought the sound of the voice was that bad (and has been changed, anyway), the letter is a good one, and sums up how he and many others, including myself, feel about the continuous and unabated assault on our senses by All Things Technological in today’s world. Sadly we must get used to it, because it will never subside. Fascinating then, that the cassette recently celebrated its 40th anniversary of existence, and despite all rumours to the contrary, is still going strong in most parts of the world. I bought my first cassette recorded in the late 60s, and cassettes I recorded then are still playable today. Can’t say the same for 5 1/4″ floppies, can we?

Back to bed…

4 Responses to “Out of It”

  1. Murph Says:

    You did have a godawful voice on your machine. Always wondered why you never just recorded your own voice, like in the “olden days.”

    +5 when I woke up this morning. Rivers in the streets from several days of weather like this, after our own bitter cold snap. Strange, strange days.


  2. darcy Says:

    Hi Randy…sorry to hear you are under the weather. Get well soon, okay??


  3. cdc Says:

    Next flu bug that you get obtain tamiflu or amantindine (both antiviral meds) from your doctor. They will lessen the duration of your illness. Only problem is you need to take these meds at the onset of your illness.

  4. SteveG Says:

    Ditto on the get wells. I’ve got a stack of 5 1/4 inch floppies that work fine. At least, they did six months ago when I had a 5 1/4 drive to slip them into. I guess I really should transfer all that old stuff… at the very least to 3 1/2 inch floppies.

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