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Weekend Stories

:: I saw 19 movies in January, easily a new record for films viewed in one month. It sounds like a lot, but I did see 8 of them in four days while I was sick with the flu.

:: On Friday morning in Winnipeg, my mom slipped while getting into her car on the way for a workout.

My mom waves to her legions of fans after breaking the radial bone in her right arm

She thought she sprained her wrist, but after getting x-rays later in the day, learned that she broke the radial bone in her right arm. MOM! Be careful! Love, Your Caring Son!!!

:: Time seems to move at a faster speed when you get older. It’s hard to explain. Tomorrow is Groundhog Day. At best, six more weeks of winter. We’ve had a lot of snow in the past two weeks. Today, while returning home from dim sum, I slid into the back of another car while driving on 99th Street. Luckily, there was no damage to either vehicle, and the driver, a young woman, was gracious, polite, and very friendly, and told me that it wasn’t a problem. She was very sweet and considerate. I was angry with myself for not watching the road more closely. Lesson learned.

4 Responses to “Weekend Stories”

  1. Murph Says:

    Dreamcatcher was filmed up here. And is apparently such a dog that most of the locals are steering clear of it as well. We watched Freaky Friday and Open Range on the weekend, enjoyed both.

    Interesting you should be warning your mom to be careful while you’re busy slamming into cars. “Let’s be careful out there.” as the sarge always said.


  2. Hilary Says:


    We must be on a similar mind-track! I also saw The Cat’s Meow, Cold Mountain, and Monster recently. Did you like Cold Mountain? It seemed, well, cold. And frankly, I could do without another doomed Minghella love story. Yuck. That one moment of passionate consummation which results in the child-for-whom-to-keep-on-living really drives me batty.


  3. randy Says:

    Hilary, I did like Cold Mountain. You can read my brief review here. I enjoyed the parallel stories being told in the movie. I hadn’t thought of the “doomed love story” connection to The English Patient, however. Did you like Monster? What an amazing performance by Theron.

  4. Garth Danielson Says:

    Do you keep track of your movies watched. I do. Last year was a pretty poor year for me. I just broke 200 new movies for the year. 2002 I was nearly one new one a day but in 2003 I was watching a lot more TV shows on DVD. That eats up the time. I just watched all the Secret Agents in the box set, and now I am working my way through the Critic. I jut love TV shows on DVD. I also dropped HBO and Showtime so I don’t see a lot of movies from those sources and since I can’t buy everything on DVD…I guess I should rent but that means I’d have to return there later.

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