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I Don’t Run With Scissors, Either

:: While chopping up a piece of tomato tonight, I sliced off a small portion of the top of my left thumb with the knife. Damn thing wouldn’t stop bleeding for about an hour. Now it’s just throbbing. Some peoples’ kids.

6 Responses to “I Don’t Run With Scissors, Either”

  1. sharon Says:

    ouch! Do take care! and be careful!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Randy! That’s awful! Did you go to the hospital? Don’t let that get infected. You poor thing.

  3. rpr Says:

    Sharon and Jenny, thank you for your words of support. The thumb is bandaged today, and still hurts a bit, but I’m being careful, I promise!

  4. Mom Says:

    Hey Randy I never got to check your site the last couple of days and was shocked to see you could have lost a thumb. Yikes, be careful son! I don’t like reading such things when I am over 800 miles away and can’t get over to give you a hand—oops! I mean lend you a hand. Not nice to give your elderly parents more things to worry about. Take care. Luv ya! Mom & Dad

  5. Brad Says:

    Tsk….I did the same thing a few years ago…..but I didn’t have your advanced age as an excuse to fall back on.

    S’Ok…’ll be fine, but you might lose the feeling in the tip of the thumb…do you use the thumb for any exotic chords? Piano wise, It makes no difference, ’cause I hardly ever use my thumb tips to play anymore…..

  6. Garth Danielson Says:

    Dude, you should quit cooking, it’s dangerous. That’s what resturants are for, that and cleaning up after you make a mess…don’t for get to tip.

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