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LOTR Stamps, and Wireless Library Necklaces

:: Found on Hilary’s site:

    – The UK Royal Mail has issued stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary of the publication of the first two volumes of the LOTR trilogy.

    – Seattle’s new Central Library, opening in May, 2004, is truly on the cutting edge of technology these days. In addition to wireless service available anywhere in the 11-story building, staff will use wireless “smart” communication devices a la Star Trek:

      “For instance, there will be wireless “smart” necklaces that let library staff communicate and respond from anywhere in the building. If, for example, a patron who speaks only Spanish phones the reference desk, the librarian can tell the device to patch the call through to a librarian who speaks the language. If the patron shows up in person, the librarian at the desk could ask the device to locate the nearest staffer who’s qualified to translate.”

    To be able to provide reference service from anywhere in a library would be interesting. We wouldn’t be restricted to the information desk area when answering a question by phone, and we could move about the floors of the building without losing contact with a customer.

3 Responses to “LOTR Stamps, and Wireless Library Necklaces”

  1. kelly Says:

    You just gave me one more reason to love Seattle. That’s awesome.

  2. cindi Says:

    The U of Kentucky had phones with wireless headsets for in the reference area when their new main library opened in 1998. They were intended for the librarians to use while at the desk–a question that required the consultation of a work that was not at the desk but in the reference collection, a good 50 feet away, would not require a callback. The headsets were not used, however; a callback is much more professional than having to listen to a librarian hoof it over to the ref stacks and find the right book… “Hang on, passing the J’s now… almost there… let’s see… M… a-ha, the P’s… PA… PN… PR… PS!”

  3. brock Says:

    Actually, you ought to see if they are tracking devices. I bet that they have this capability. Some hospitals are forcing nurses to wear similar devices so when it all hits the fan, they can prove to the lawyers and insurance companies that Peggy Sue the nurse wasn’t sleeping in the break room for x number of hours.

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