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What’s Wrong With These Pictures?

:: While driving home after my workout tonight, I was listening to CBC News. The newscaster reported that the new leader of Hamas, in the Gaza belt, is a 54-year old avowed militarist and hard-liner, bitterly opposed to Israel’s existence, who has warned there will now be “total war” with Israel. In the same breath, the newscaster also mentioned that he is a pediatrician. A pediatrician!

The world is a scary place right now. The Middle East is set to either explode or implode, and even though I live in perhaps the safest country in the world, right now I don’t feel particularly safe, as a world citizen. Are we that naive, those of us who don’t understand such hatred as it exists in other parts of the world?

Any openings on the next flight to Mars?

:: Meanwhile, the best analysis and criticism of the recent neck-breaking assault of Steve Moore by Todd Bertuzzi turned up in, of all places, a cartoon by Ward “Slap Shot” Sutton, in the Village Voice.

5 Responses to “What’s Wrong With These Pictures?”

  1. cindi Says:

    I found myself wondering the same things during the Kosovo conflict. A colleague of mine intoned, “They’ve been killing each other for over six hundred years, I don’t know why we care all of a sudden.”

    Am *I* being naive in thinking that the Middle East is simmering at the same pace that it has been for some time? It did bother me to hear the former Israeli Prime Minister begin to use the same “War on Terror” language that Bush began using in September 2001.

  2. Morpheus Says:

    Strange stuff indeed.

    Unrelated – who is the admin of the BlogEd stuff?;action=list

    It needs three authorised, and some pruning – many listed aren’t blogs any more…

  3. randy Says:

    Thanks, Morpheus. That would be Geoff, he’s on the other side of the wall, I’ll let him know in a few minutes.

  4. Keith Says:

    I think you should drop the Java clock on PBD because starting up Java just to repeat the viewer’s system clock (already displayed on most computers) is a waste of processor time and resources. Most newer Windows computers don’t even have Java installed, unless the owner chooses to download the Sun Java plug-in.

    Also, the large number of sites that you pull snippets from greatly reduces the loading speed of your main page.

  5. randy Says:

    I was thinking that the clock wasn’t of much use, actually…

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