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My Friends, They Are A’Bloggin’

:: My first web site saw the light of day in 1995, and I added a counter to it in January, 1996. I became aware of blogs in 1999 or 2000, at which time I made mention of them on my both my library page and search engine page. I attended Peter Scott’s presentation on blogging in Oct, 2001, and thought about starting one at that time. Blogging was still in its infancy, and foreign to most people at that time.

Geoff, meanwhile, had started his first blog in 2002, at the time known as The Anonymous Librarian (if memory serves); however, he forgot to renew the domain name, and it was snared by some, well, let’s just call them non-librarian types, so he revamped and started again with The Blog Driver’s Waltz. In May 2002, unbeknownst to me, my belly-dancing songstress librarian pal in Florida, Darcy, began darcysworld. In July 2002, I began The Pod Bay Door, using Blogger as the software package. I wondered if any other friends would start blogging as well. It didn’t take long to find out.

Shortly after PBD appeared, Derryl jumped in with Cold Ground, and Jena was right behind with naked bootleg. Claire snuck in there somewhere with There Be Giants Here, Kim offered Bibcognito, and Keith followed with Bloggo – The Non Blog, a site that has had at least “10,937,458,548 visitors since May 1974.” Kenton started blogging around that time, and Mike was next, with Toys and Cookies, although he has been quiet since last fall.

In 2003, Robert returned to writing with I’m Not Boring You, Am I?, also the title of his fanzine from the 70s-90s period. My fanzines, fwiw, were called Odds ‘n’ Ends (1969), and Winding Numbers (1975-78, or something…); look around my site, you may notice a reference to one of them. My cool SLA pal, Cindi, started her blog, Chronicles of Bean in 2003 as well, Bean being the pet name of her unborn child (at the time), now known as the beautiful Bethany.

OK, so now what’s up? Well, my Winnipeg pals are blogging. Please let me introduce Steve and Tony: Steve, aka Stephen R George, aka Valerie Stevens, aka Jack Ellis, is one of the many friends I met while participating in sf fandom in the 1970s in Winnipeg, publishing zines and attending sf conventions. One of Steve’s zines was Gleet Glort, thus the name of his web site,, and his blog, glort Web log. Steve is also a horror author, which is why he has a few pseudonyms. Tony and I met in 1971 while attending St Paul’s College at the U of Manitoba. One of our first connections was when he tried to assure me that Horse With No Name wasn’t sung by Neil Young, while I, like the cocksure moron I was, insisted otherwise, and would have none of it. I’m sure he thought I was a complete idiot, so much so that we’ve been friends ever since. Tony’s new weblog is called Sea of Flowers. Both blogs are worth checking, you won’t be disappointed. BTW, adding our mutual friend Mike Nichols to the equation (no, not THAT Mike Nichols), and you get Bike With Mike.

Lordy. These people are my friends. It’s a blog family!

5 Responses to “My Friends, They Are A’Bloggin’”

  1. Keith Says:

    “10,937,458,548 visitors since May 1974” … Did you know, you’re only the second person to notice that ridiculous counter?

  2. Jena Says:

    I had to go back and check, and technically, Derryl did beat me to blogging by 2 days … unless you count my old blog (misguided angel, March 2002), which I dropped when I started naked bootleg in July 02. My first intro to blogging was Sandra Kasturi’s Blogger site, which she started in June of 2001 but didn’t keep up.

  3. Murph Says:

    Sandra’s a dilletante, God love her, drifting like a butterfly from one thing to the next. Except for those things she doesn’t. And I’ll never count misguided angel, because I’m so petty and small. The Randman, though, was the guy who inspired me to blog.


  4. Heavy G Says:

    Actually, the blog was called, “Librarians Anonymous,” but I’ll cut you some slack on account of the grey hairs and all… 😉

    I’m still miffed the domain name got scooped! Oh well. Live and learn, live and learn.

  5. darcy Says:

    Hey, you wrote about me!



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