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:: Today, Geoff and I completed revisions to an article we wrote, for the journal, Science & Technology Libraries. The article is about applications of blogs in an STL environment. As well, Geoff is fine-tuning a presentation on blogs, which we are co-presenting this Saturday at the Alberta Library Conference in Jasper. I was amazed as I watched a short animation that he designed and embedded into one of the powerpoint slides, which demonstrates how to create a simple blog entry using Moveable Type. The computer we use for our session will not be wired to the Internet, so the animation will suffice nicely in its place.

:: Deadwood has quickly become my favorite show on television. Sunday night, with The Sopranos and Deadwood back-to-back (at least in Canada), has become the definitive night for quality television viewing. The language on Deadwood is graphic enough so as to make comparisons with The Sopranos moot. The actors are outstanding, with Ian McShane as Al Swearengen and Robin Weigert as Calamity Jane, giving career-defining performances week after week. The colourful language (to put it mildly), combined with the actors’ deliveries of their lines, provide for much “water cooler discussion” every Monday at work with my friend Debi, and the HBO website for the show has a list of the “Best Lines” from each episode to date.

HBO continues to present most of the best television on television, if you will. But in Canada, we are not permitted to subscribe to HBO, but instead to limp, lame Canadian cable stations that advertise themselves as “The First Home of HBO in Canada.” Problem is, no station IS the first home of HBO in Canada. We haven’t seen the third or fourth seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Real Time With Bill Maher is not broadcast in Canada on any cable station.

5 Responses to “Various”

  1. darcy Says:

    Ian McShane??

    I used to have a crush on him way back in the Lovejoy years.

    call me crazy….

  2. randy Says:

    I never watched Lovejoy, but I can guarantee you’ve never seen Ian McShane like you will if you watch Deadwood.

  3. darcy Says:

    You know, that ALMOST convinces me to get cable…


  4. randy Says:

    The last scene with him on the bus, in Ferris, is brilliant, as he stares into the camera. 🙂

  5. A Sea of Flowers Says:

    Deadwood 13

    The new season of Deadwood has started on Movie Central with Episode 13, “A Lie Agreed Upon (Part 1)”. Deadwood, like other HBO shows, has started numbering episodes by absolute consecutive numbers. Movie Central uses the absolute episode number in its…

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