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Happy Father’s Day

:: Today is Father’s Day, and I just finished chatting on the phone with my Dad for about 35 minutes. My Dad was born in Winnipeg on Sept 12, 1926, and worked very hard for 31 years to put food on the table for Mom and us kids when we were growing up in St Boniface, Manitoba, in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. He is 77 years old, and still doing quite well. He is an artist and a photographer, and spend a lot of time online, learning about the computer and the Internet. He also drives cars to Minnesota and North Dakota on a regular basis for a local Winnipeg company. Like my Mom, he has a thirst for learning new things, never content to sit quietly and watch the world pass him by. With my Mom, he is an inspiration, and a hero to me. I am very fortunate that my parents are both alive this late in life, and as well, to be so active and relatively healthy. Check out my Dad’s paintings if you haven’t seen them yet, and he does do commissions!

To my friends who are fathers, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day as well. This would include fellow webloggers Tony, Steve, Robert, and Derryl. And while I’m not a father, I received a wonderful and heartfelt e-Father’s Day card from this beautiful little girl in Lethbridge, Tigana, who is Robert’s daughter. I am also thinking of my foster child in Togo today, Welalo, and my e-mentee at Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bradley. I have no children of my own, but I have many who are very special to me, and I consider myself blessed and fortunate because of that.

5 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. jenB Says:

    your dad’s pictures are lovely. he is very talented. also, what a beautiful post. you are a special “dad” to lots of young people from what i can tell.


  2. Keith Says:

    I like the new, larger font for the text on your blog. It’s coming out as Trebuchet MS, which is fine by me. (It’s one of the fonts that Microsoft has optimized for screen use.)

  3. Murph Says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, Randy. My parents were here in town, and Father’s Day was a good one all round; both Dad and I even got to go to the Father’s Day Tea at Bren’s preschool, which was a real treat.


  4. Steve Says:

    Thanks for the Father’s Day wish. My kids’ idea of Father’s Day is to get me up at 5:00 AM to get out for the start of the Manitoba Marathon. No, I didn’t run, but they were all in the SuperRun (2.6 miles). I had a coffee and a donut as I sat on a hill overlooking the stadium at U of M. I suppose there are worse things you could be doing at dawn. We’ve been doing this for six years now. I think I’m actually starting to enjoy it. — Steve

  5. Mom&DAD Says:

    Randy darling, your DAD did complete highschool at Provencher School in St Boniface Mb at the age of 16 I should add that your Mother also completed high school.In both cases at the time grade 11 was considered high school. DAD

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