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Some Peoples’ Kids…

:: And we wonder why we get so much spam. I hope they nail this guy’s butt to the wall.


Jason Smathers, a 24-year-old employee of America Online, has been charged with stealing the e-mail addresses of 92 million AOL customers and selling them to spammers. Under a new federal anti-spam law, he faces the prospect of as many as five years in prison plus a fine of $250,000. The stolen information includes not only e-mail addresses but also telephone numbers, ZIP codes and the type of credit card the customers use (though not the actual credit card numbers, which are kept by AOL in a separate database). The company says: “We deeply regret what has taken place and are thoroughly reviewing and strengthening our internal procedures as a result of this investigation and arrest.”(New York Times 24 Jun 2004)

From: Newscan Daily, 24 June 2004.

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  1. darcy Says:

    I’m with you r….all the way!

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