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:: The trip to Winnipeg thus far has been a lot of fun. Very busy, visiting both relatives and friends. Last night, Mike, Steve and I spent a couple hours visiting Chester Cuthbert, local book collector and member of First Fandom. Chester is now 91, and will turn 92 later this year. He remains in good health for someone in his age range, and he enjoyed our visit. We were able to spend a bit of time rummaging about the hundreds of boxes of books in the basement and second floor of his home, stirring up a few memories along the way.

On Saturday, we attended Tony‘s 50th birthday party. On Sunday, I went to another party, celebrating the 4th of July, at the home of my Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Carl, who previously lived in Tampa, Florida, for over 20 years. While there, I saw another friend, Natasha, who currently lives in Germany. She had flown in the day before, to attend two weddings later in the month in Winnipeg. Aunt Eleanor and her sister, my Aunt Ida, were in Germany in June, visiting relatives, and this morning, she shared her photos of the trip with me. The relatives there are descendants of my grandfather’s brother, Leslie, and his sister, Margaret.

I have otherwise been lazy, sleeping in, and then taking afternoon naps. Having not exercised for over a week, I feel like a slug! Tomorrow I fly to St John’s for the wedding, and will return to Winnipeg on July 13th. The time flies.

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  1. Mike N. Says:

    Randy….Chester is in great health for any age range. He is 91, taking no medication, has all his wits, his hearing and vision are fine and he moves around like he was in his 70’s. We should all age as well as he has!

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