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Newfoundland Report 1

:: Greetings from The Rock. I am in Paradise. Paradise, Newfoundland, just outside of St John’s. Kim and Geoff are to be married in about 3 hours. I am staying with Charles and Debbie, friends of Kim’s, and they are the most incredible, gracious hosts. The flight from Toronto was delayed two hours on Wed night, and didn’t land in St John’s until 1:45 am Newfoundland time. I hit the sack around 4:15 am Thursday morning.

Last evening, there was a short wedding rehearsal, followed by a bbq, with a number of invited guests. It was sunny and warm, but when the sun set, the temperature dropped to under 10C! We were in our jackets, but having a great time. I played some guitar, and was joined by a family friend, John, who played the spoons. A few Beatles tunes were sung, and John sang three traditional Newfie songs as well! It was also Geoff’s birthday, and we had drumstick cake to celebrate. Needless to say, I am eating well, and not exercising, so am feeling a bit sluggish!

It was raining heavily this morning, but stopped three hours ago, so the prospect of a 5:00 pm outdoor ceremony is looking better. Tomorrow, Kenton and Susan and I will begin a three-day, post-wedding stay in St John’s and surrounding area, including a whale watching boat trip.

2 Responses to “Newfoundland Report 1”

  1. garth danielson Says:

    what is a drumstick cake?

  2. Garth Danielson Says:

    hey, I found some drumstick cake receipts on the web and this link to a cake decoarting page that’s has some fun ideas. I used to make cake when I was in my 20’s but don’t anymore. My stove is for heating of water only.

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