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Winnipeg Notes

:: I had a nice time this evening with some of my cousins, visiting them and their families, and my Auntie Carol, at Birds Hill Park, north of Winnipeg. I arrived home to find a note from my dad regarding my mom, who has been in considerable pain for about six weeks, with an infected left shoulder. The note said that she is in the hospital having surgery. My dad called a few moments ago, and told me that the surgery is over, but my mom will need to stay in the hospital for a couple days. He said an orthopedic surgeon did the work, and that a scope was used. I hope they were able to discover the problem.

:: This just in: watch for the new right-wing weather channel from Fox News.

:: The Emmy Nominations, released today, were as usual, predictable for their omissions, if nothing else. But I was astonished that Ian McShane did not receive the nod for Best Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series for his portrayal of saloon operator Al Swearengen, in HBO’s Deadwood – unbelievable, unforgivable and regrettable. HBO received 124 Emmy nominations, including 20 for The Sopranos and 11 for Deadwood, which was also passed over for Best Dramatic Series. McShane gave the performance of his career in the 12 episodes of Deadwood which aired this year. Gary Dretzka, writing in TV Barn, agrees, highlighting the snub of McShane by the Academy, as well as other predictable omissions. One nomination that was long overdue was Mariska Hargitay for Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Read every prime-time Emmy nomination here, if you need to know them all.

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