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Democratic Convention Game

:: Mark Fiore is a former political cartoonist who now works on political animation. His latest offering is a jab at the Democractic National Convention. More of his animated cartoons are available on his site.

4 Responses to “Democratic Convention Game”

  1. Brad Says:

    Uh, I’m getting the sense here that generally, under most circumstances, considering the majority of issues you would skew left, would that be correct?

  2. randy Says:

    If you mean am I left-leaning politically, well, er, that would be correct, sir.

  3. Brad Says:

    Um, actually, I meant that in a drunken state you would likely stagger widdershins…..sorry for the confusion, eh?

  4. randy Says:

    Widdershins? This site sez it means anticlockwise or backwards. Never heard of the word. I learned something today.

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