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A few minor changes added tonight. You can see the blog list to the right, and I added an “about” and a link to the original page. I’m beginning to understand, at a base level, what style sheets do. Sort of, kinda, a little bit. Thanks to Zuchris and Geoff for continued words of encouragement.

What is happening out in the world? I was happy to see the Twins win the first game of their series against Oakland. I’ve been a Twins fan since I was a widdo kid.

This additional text feature is rather cool. Instead of filling up space on the main page, you can hide text down here. Peekaboo. (Did I write that?)

4 Responses to “Slowly…”

  1. Taz Says:

    I’m a Twins fan and an Athletics fan, so I’m in quite the bind.

  2. randy Says:

    I appreciate your dilemma. In 1992, the Twins and Blue Jays, my two fave teams, faced off in the pennant final, and the Jays won, of course. For me, as long as a team other than the Yankees or Braves wins the whole thing, I’m happy. I’m cheering for the Twins among the eight teams, and after that, I’d cheer for teams that haven’t won ever, or in a very long time, so that would mean the Angels, Giants and Cardinals.

  3. jennifer Says:

    silly boys and their games 🙂

  4. randy Says:

    “silly boys love you…” – Klaatu

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