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“I’m Going Down In The Middle of Town” – with lyrics by Aidan Murphy

:: Here it is: the new song, with lyrics written by the up-and-coming young wordsmith, eight year old Aidan Murphy of Prince George BC, son of up-and-coming sf writer and good friend, Derryl Murphy, and the music by legend-in-his-own-mind, hack guitarist Randy Reichardt.

Background: Aidan wrote the words, and Derryl posted the lyrics on his site, Cold Ground. The recording was done in the basement of the Wests’ house, with Niki doing the engineering and recording on her little digital studio. We recorded it yesterday, it was a lot of fun. The voice and acoustic guitar tracks were done in one take, but the “bass” line (actually an electric guitar with mucho effects) took about 7 or 8 takes.

This isn’t the first time I’ve added music to lyrics written by a young one. There is something inspiring about the creativity of a child, but kid yourself not: it is a lot of fun for me too, to write and construct a melody and chords around the words.

“I’m Going Down In The Middle of Town”: lyrics 2004 Aidan Murphy, music 2004 Randy Reichardt.

2 Responses to ““I’m Going Down In The Middle of Town” – with lyrics by Aidan Murphy”

  1. Michael Hall Says:

    The built-in Windows deal is broken in Firefox. Interestingly the code is visible and displays a different filename: RoundHere_CountingCrows.mp3 (!?). The link below to aidan.mp3 works OK, but WinAmp plays it as Track-01.mp3.

    All very strange.

    The song is not bad. Do you sing, too? I doesn’t sound like you.

  2. Jena Says:

    What a hoot! This is great, guys. 🙂

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