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Latest Music

:: I haven’t been posting this week, mostly due to lack of energy. I’m not feeling 100% these days. A tickle in my throat, which began on August 26th, became a prolonged cough by the long weekend I spent in Vancouver, and it still hasn’t left my chest and throat. As such, I haven’t been exercising either, and I feel like a complete slug. I’m hoping it subsides this week so I can get back on the cross-trainer again, and I have to teach eight classes next week – coughing is not an option! Also, my left lower jaw has been quite sore for a while, as if a wisdom tooth can’t decide whether it wants to pop through my gums. It feels like I’ve been punched on the left side of my face. So…I’m a hurtin’ unit.

Last weeks Sunday NYTimes featured its annual fall look at the arts – music, movies, dance, theatre, etc. I read through the list of upcoming musical events and albums, and was surprised to learn that Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone had reunited and earlier this year, released As Far As I Can See…, The Zombies’ first album since the band broke up in 1967. The Incredible String Band, with two original members, are touring for the first time in 30 years. The Clash’s London Calling has been repackaged for its 25th-Anniversary edition, including extra tapes from the recording sessions found by guitarist Mick Jones, plus a DVD. Brian Wilson is releasing a newly rerecorded version of the most famous album that never was, Smile. British music fans weigh in with their opinions. Based on a few tunes from album made available for listening online on his web site, I like what I hear. Purists may ignore it, wishing to hear the original versions recorded in the mid-60s.

R.E.M.’s new album, Around the Sun, appears in October. The video for the new song, Leaving New York, is available on the VH1 site. I like the song. Helmet, a band I thought was long gone, releases Size Matters, after a seven-year recording hiatus. Rob Halford has reunited with Judas Priest after 12 years, and yes, a new album follows, so lock up your parents. U2‘s new album, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, is out in November, and includes a track called Full Metal Jacket. Tears for Fears new album, Everybody Loves A Happy Ending, reunited Roland Orzabal with Curt Smith, after a thirteen year split. You can see TFF’s live performance of Everybody Wants to Rule the World, taped for KTLA Morning News on Monday, Sept 13, 2004, by visiting KTLA’s web site – once there, click on “Music” in the upper left hand corner, then find “Tears for Fears” at the bottom of the screen. I’ll get this album.

Many other artists were listed in the article. It’s overwhelming. I’m waiting to buy Folker, the new Paul Westerberg album, maybe in two weeks, after payday. Interesting article in the Mpls Star-Tribune about new albums being released almost concurrently by Westerberg and Tommy Stinson, both members of The Replacements in the 1980s. It’s pouring rain outside.

5 Responses to “Latest Music”

  1. Keith Alias Upon Alias Says:

    Lack of energy has become a regular theme on your blog, Randy. Maybe it’s time to start finding out why you frequently feel so tired. This may lead to one of those lifestyle changes that you so dread.

    PS: I can’t remember the details of our bet about the “Alien Versus Predator” movie. Did you bet that it wasn’t a movie, or that it was a video game? Since it turned out to be both, the exact wording of the bet will decide if you won or lost. All the same, it will hit the cheap theaters in a week or two so be prepared, be very prepared!

  2. Keith Alias IV Says:

    By the way, the spam protection is not working for e-mail addresses for comments in your blog. The submission form also used to ask for a web page address, but now no longer does. (Posted with Mozilla Firebird.)

  3. randy Says:

    The lack of energy is a combo of the cough, which prevents me from working out, eating poorly the past while, and staying up too late. Yes, a very familiar theme.

    I am prepared to see AVP. I said I’d go, I’m sticking to my story.

  4. randy Says:

    I closed the web address field, but some are still getting through in spam comments. When I upgrade to MT 3.1, you should see better spam protection. In the meantime, when spam gets through, I submit it to MTBlacklist, which works to prevent many spams from getting through to PBD. I can also restrict selected IP ranges via the IP Deny Manager on my Blogomania Control Panel.

  5. cindi Says:

    How on earth am I going to see 7 or more U2 shows next year with a baby in tow? Are kids under 2 free? (kidding, geez)

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