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CSS Blues

“If whatever, then whatever.” – R Reichardt, October 2002.

The title’s double entendre is intended, I suppose. Everything is blue here, almost, isn’t it? I’ve been mucking through cascading style sheet code for hours, most of last night, until L&O:SUV (sic) came on, followed by Robbery Homicide Division. Then I went to bed, slept poorly as usual, woke up to snowfall (yes), then went to the U of A for the annual LISSA Breakfast, which is held the same day as the U of Alberta’s Open House. I met my godson, Kellen, and his parents there, and gave him a short tour of the scitech library and some of the electronic resources available there.

There is still more I’d like to do. I’m impatient, it’s my nature. Small things frustrate me. For example, the index.html file seems to be working so far, at least on screens with 1024 x 768 resolution. It looks like shyte on 800 x 600 screens. Also, when I copy and paste the index.html file into NoteTab Pro, then look at it in IE6, it looks like triple shyte – completely out of whack with how it looks to you now. Can’t figure that one out. I ran the code through CSE HTML Validator Lite, and cleaned up the errors (other than the MT codes, which the Validator doesn’t recognize). Ran it through NoteTab again, looks no different. WHY? I want my Mommy!

Bottom line is I must like doing this or else I wouldn’t subject myself to such geek torture.

5 Responses to “CSS Blues”

  1. zuchris Says:

    “I want my Mommy” ?? Hah! It’s looking good so far Randy. I’m impressed with the progress!

  2. randy Says:

    Thanks, Zuchris. Funny, I was thinking about you because I want to ask you a question. I like to use the “Additional Entry Text” when creating a new entry, to save space on the main page. “More…” appears, but when I click on “More…”, it opens up a new full page, with old settings, rather than expand below, as yours does. Can you advise? Is there special code or a plug-in I need? Thanks – R

  3. zuchris Says:

    Ask and ye shall receive, my friend. Yes, there is a special Javascript script that performs this collapse/expand function. You may read about it here. Curiously, I’ve just read for the first time that this may not work for some users (i.e. those using Opera, IE on Macs).

  4. randy Says:

    Zuchris: Thank you for responding so quickly. I’ll examine this script tomorrow and see if I can fit it in. Thank you again! – Randy

  5. randy Says:

    Z: I installed the scripts as suggested. In fact, I copied the JavaScript from your site (after trying’s version), and I installed the MTEntryIfExtended script. However, it still doesn’t work. Any ideas? Randy

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