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:: I continue to have problems with Firefox, and the time being taken trying to make it work is wearing me out. I downloaded FF 1.0 for the second time at home this weekend, making it my default browser. The problem begins when I login to MT 3.121 to manage my blogs. The login page is out of alignment – note the top bar on this picture – when I log in, and the page that opens up after I log in, listing my blogs, is skewed to the left. It gets only worse when I go to the create a new post page, also skewed left, and looking like absolute shyte. I ran AdAware again, made no difference, so FF is once again uninstalled on my site. *sigh* This is getting ridiculous. I want to embrace this new browser, which is getting rave reviews from Geoff, Kenton, and others, but I keep hitting brick walls. I think there are ghosts in my 2.5 year old Dell Dimension 4400. That, plus the machine is aging quickly. I am methodically removing music files from the 80g hard drive to free up space in hopes that it won’t be as sluggish. Most likely, I need a faster processor. 1.6 doesn’t cut it anymore.

:: I am way behind answering e-mails, with 200+ in my inboxes between work and home. I’m working on a book chapter, about the literature of petroleum engineering and refining, which is taking up most of my time these days. I will get to the e-mails soon. When I solve the Firefox problem, I also need to install new templates for STLQ, which doesn’t line up properly in Firefox.

:: After watching Modest Mouse on SNL on Dec 13, a band with whom I was unfamiliar, I purchased their two most recent albums, The Moon and Antarctica, and Good News For People Who Like Bad News. Modest Mouse makes interesting, eclectic music, not easily accessible, but so far, worth the listening effort.

6 Responses to “Lately”

  1. Steve Says:

    Two hundred emails? What are you? A fricking rock star?

    One issue you’re probably having with Firefox (and possibly other browsers) is that they favour pages that contain valid HTML or XHTML. The Mozilla project, as far as I can tell, really likes W3C compliance. Your pages don’t validate. Check it out at, or use the link here, which will show the validation results of your home page:

    We always recommend to our clients that they attempt to create valid code, simply to avoid cross-browser compatibility issues. Most of them hate this advice, because validation usually requires some hand-coding. WYSIWYG Web page editing tools tend not to create valid code. I’m not sure how you do yours.

  2. sharon Says:

    i like modest mouse too! You should check out Ben Lee’s cover of their “Float On.” It’s really good.

  3. kelly Says:

    Why don’t you think Modest Mouse’s music is accessible, Randy?

    I remember friends saying Isaac Brock was really abusive to the audience when he played at the Powerplant, I’ve been sort of on the edge about liking the group ever since. Have you listened to The Postal Service? They’re good too.

  4. randy Says:

    Kelly: What I mean is, Modest Mouse’s music isn’t straight head, standard rock, with tasty melodies and hummable tunes – it’s more challenging, not unlike The Constantines, another band whose music is getting under my skin in a good way. I wasn’t aware that MM played the Power Plant. When was that? Don’t know about The Postal Service, will try to check them out.

  5. sharon Says:

    Postal Service is excellent. Check out their website and download some mp3s to try out.

  6. Tony Says:

    I think the problems with STLQ are in the stylesheet which you created when you were using MT 2.661. STLQ has display issues in IE as well as Firefox at low resolutions. Which is another way of saying what Steve says about HTML valid code. Good luck in fixing it. Even starting with a fresh Stylesheet tested for MT 3.1x, you have some work to get everything looking halfway decent again.

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