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The Impossible Happens

OK, so sue me for being a baseball fan. Yes, sports. Anyway, what’s cool about the MLB playoffs for me is this: of the eight teams that began the series, the four which I hoped would win their series did. I follow these rules when baseball season hits the playoffs. If any of my three favorite teams are in, I cheer for them first: Minnesota, Toronto or Montreal. After that, I cheer for the Red Sox if they make it. Barring that from happening, I cheer for any team other than Atlanta, or the Yankees (I hate the Braves, I’m tired of the Yankees winning all the time).

The next rule is: cheer for the team(s) which have not won the World Series for the longest time. So, approaching the four playoffs I hoped for: Minnesota to beat Oakland, Anaheim to beat New York Yankees, San Francisco to beat Atlanta, and St Louis to beat Arizona. And I’ll be damned if it didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, I continue to tweak the blog (which I understand can be painful at times). I don’t know how long the blue colours will survive. I’ve added code on Zuchris’s suggestion, to allow for additional text to extend within the same page, but it isn’t working yet. Hopefully we can sort that out soon.

5 Responses to “The Impossible Happens”

  1. geoff Says:

    Randy, Moveable Type 2.5 was released today. This means its time to upgrade!

    …as randy bangs his head and mutters, “This hurts my head…”

  2. randy Says:

    Oh God, you’re kidding, right? Shit. After all the work I’ve done since last Friday. I weep for myself…

  3. zuchris Says:

    Yep, MT 2.5 fresh from the oven. Can’t wait to upgrade this weekend. And umm…I ‘warned’ you ’bout this Randy already in commentshere 🙂

  4. randy Says:

    Zurchris: True, true, I remember. Geoff told me this morning that he had to download the new version twice, got it to work the second time. So I’ll proceed accordingly.

    The other thing is, I still can’t get the code to work to expand the “More” entries. I found more detail on Scriptygoddess, moved that code over to my main index file, and still nothing. Well, something, actually, but it looked like hell. Thoughts?

  5. zuchris Says:

    Sorry for the tardy response, Randy. Let me look into my more/hide code vs. your code and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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