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Stylesheets and Rehearsals

:: There is little time to eat or sleep these days. I may be joining a rock band – yes, you read that correctly. I sat in on a couple of rehearsals with a local group known as Hardy Drew and The Nancy Boys this month, and there are two more rehearsals this week. The band has a gig at The Sidetrack on December 14, opening for two other bands. The music is different, written by David, the drummer, and features time signature changes such as 7/8 to 4/4 to 5/4, with one song featuring a 11/4 break (as best I can determine, if there is such a thing.) Is 51 too old to rock?

:: I’m continuing work on a new stylesheet for STLQ. The first draft, as it were, is near completion. The book chapter I’m writing on the literature of petroleum engineering and refining is also near completion, but continues to drag on. I’m desparate to finish it this week, as I am working until December 17, and won’t return until Jan 4th.

7 Responses to “Stylesheets and Rehearsals”

  1. Brave Kelso Says:

    just checking your comment function. The comments button on the posted line of a post on the main page opens a popup window of comments only. The timestamp button opens the individual entry archive and the comments appear there as a section of the entry, with the new comment window.

  2. Murph Says:

    Jo and I love the band name, and wish we could be there. Do we know anyone in the band (besides you)? And of course, Aidan wants to know if you’re doing his song. I told him I didn’t think so.


  3. afriend Says:

    No! 51 is not too old! Enjoy.

  4. darcy Says:

    Of *course* you are not too old to rock…

    I expect to hear an example of that 11/4 break while I’m home visiting you know!


  5. Brad Says:

    Does 11/4 count as rock?

    But seriously, will you be playing the role of Hardy Drew himself, or one of the Nancy boys?

  6. sharon Says:

    of cos not!! you are never too hard to rock. 🙂

  7. Jena Says:

    Too old? Yeesh. No way. Just ask Mick or Keith.

    PS. Hope to see/hear you on the 14th!

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