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Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson on Why Canada Sucks

:: (Warning: use your popup blocker before looking at this clip) – Listen and learn that: the worst Americans move to Canada; we are lucky the US allows my country to share the same continent with it; only Western Canada matters (right wingers, cowboys, and ski areas here); we don’t need an army; without the US, Canada is essentially Honduras, but colder and more boring; Norway would invade my country if it wasn’t for our American neighbours – oops – neighbors; that the US doesn’t need Canada (we’re only the States’ largest trading partner on the planet); and finally, Canadians with ambition move to the United States. Gosh, the things I didn’t know. Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson need to sit down and shut the f*ck up.

I’ll leave the last word to Steely Dan: “That right-wing hooey sure stunk up the joint.”

9 Responses to “Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson on Why Canada Sucks”

  1. Brave Kelso Says:

    First, that link is nasty. Pop-ups and ads (Gator, Fastclick junkware and spyware) like demons in a Buffy rerun. Second, Ann Coulter is nasty. Don Cherry with tits talking about politics. Since when did WWF style commentary become an acceptable substitute for political commentary? (answer – when news became entertainment and infomercial).

  2. randy Says:

    I wasn’t aware of any popups – I’m using either Firefox or IE, both with popup blockers working. I’ll add a note to the post. Coulter, Carlson, etc., have profited from the movement to WWF-style commentary, as you so aptly describe it. There is little decent political commentary left anymore, except on shows like Charlie Rose. Fox News promotes this shyte, and the American public sucks it up like pigs to the trough. Coulter’s latest book remains on the NYTimes Best Sellers list. Sad.

  3. cindi Says:

    Al Franken on Anne Coulter: “She’s the reigning queen of the hysterical right, or is it the hysterical queen of the reigning right?”

    Jon Stewart on Tucker Carlson: “Dick.”

    Without the “blue” states, the U.S. is, well, a whole lot of Texas, with very little mind. When did we all get so mean?

  4. x Says:

    >When did we all get so mean?

    basically, many of my fellow americans have become wastrels of the most egregious and bigoted sort. we are entitled, you see, because we are so fucking great and everything we do is fucking great and the world should be honored to share this planet with us. i wouldn’t have believed this attitude was possible even 10 years ago but i guess i was too busy trying to make a living to really get it. now i do.

  5. Steve Says:

    Ann Coulter doit creuver…et souffrir !

    Maudite folle !

  6. Gary Cooper Says:

    It comes as no surprise that a right wing nut like Ann Coulter would have no clue; she represents the anti intellectual stream in neo conservatism that is so inane it’s laughable.
    Perhaps Ann would like to bone up on some history before she opens her mouth. Ah let’s see who was first to fight in WorldWar 1 not to mention WW2 that wouldn’t be the U.S. would it?!

  7. Caro Says:

    I was not aware that Canada sucked. I’m sitting in Canada right now and it’s not sucking. It’s really too bad that two countries who get along politically have jackasses making comments like that.

  8. bob lego Says:

    First of all I like Ann Coulter.I purchased her book,’how to talk to a Liberal(democrate)’. I’d say that her thoughts are to a depth of 4 out of ten while most people skim the surface at 1. Most liberals are just bouncing over the surface of the waves. But , doesn’t Ann know that there have been numerous attempts to invade Canada…a good example was the war of 1812.
    Secondly, Canada is run by liberals…an example is the death penalty. Most Canadians are pro-death penalty.But the liberal media and the liberal political machine won’t allow the will of the people on this matter and many other matters, just as in the USA.
    Also. the US has been sending us it’s garbage for decades…army deserters,pro-abortionists,murderers,rapists …and we’ve been sending them our talented doctors,engineers etc….
    I wonder if Ann even knows that health care in Canada is run by each individual province? (with general rules put forth by the Federal government)
    Ann should take notice that invading Canada would be simple..but a never ending attack by Canadian militia
    would make the act so painful that they’d be begging to give it back.

  9. Wayne Says:

    Finally! I get a face to all those Dumb Blonde jokes!
    Thanks Anne!

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