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:: Last evening my right eye was hurting, feeling like a small foreign object of some sort was under the lid and wouldn’t leave. This morning at the U Health Centre, the doctor confirmed that the cornea has a small scratch right under the pupil. It is quite annoying, so I’m home to rest for the afternoon. I’ve got eye drops, and will pick up some ointment later in the day. Hopefully this will heal quickly.

3 Responses to “iBall”

  1. Steve Says:

    Ouch. When Rob was little we were playing around and his fingernails raked my right eye. His nails were long. He scooped out a quarter-inch wide trough in my cornea, over the pupil. I could not open my eye, could not shut it… the pain and discomfort were extraordinary. Had to go for surgery to pluck the ragged edges off the gash so that it could heal. Apparently the cornea heals quickly and without problem in most cases. Took about two weeks before I could take off the eyepatch. Since then I’ve reinjured it twice just drying my face with a towel. It has been good for about three years, but I still feel tentative when rubbing that eye. It’s still a little sensitive to bright sunlight. Kids.

  2. randy Says:

    It still hurts tonight, and because it’s near the pupil, light increases the pain in the eye. I’ve got Polysporin goop to put in the eye, along with eyedrops. It’s very annoying. Your incident with Robert sounded horrific. I am aware that the cornea is able to heal quickly, but so far today, it isn’t happening. I hope it will heal overnight.

  3. Steve Says:

    Horror writer. Horrific. See how that works?

    Even so, it was a nasty bit of damage and I have been overly protective of my eyes since it happened. I’ve even heard myself saying “Watch you eyes…” to other people who seem to me to be behaving in a reckless way.

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