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:: “Blog” and all its derivations have made the list of the Lake Superior State University 2005 List of Banished Words. If one is to follow the list, and no longer use “blog”, what are the alternatives? How about:

    1) Ruws: Regularly Updated Web Site
    2) Utbab: Used To Be A Blog
    3) Wesilog: Web Site Log
    4) Ocab: Once Called A Blog
    5) Nolocab: No Longer Called A Blog
    6) Rudilwes: Regularly Updated Diary-Like Web Site

I doubt any of these will catch on. Any other suggestions?

Other names deservedly on the list include webinar, erectile dysfunction, “You’re fired”, and carbs. Webinar reflects the pathetic movement of combining two words into one, like docudrama, infomercial, but for what reason? To save time? Can’t we say “web seminar?” I remember watching a comedian on the old Letterman show, who noted, “Do you know what the abbreviation for July is? J-u-l. You gotta be in a hurry.”

:: How bizarre is this: because of the number of tourists missing or already dead, the tsumasi tragedy could become the worst natural disaster in the history of Sweden.

:: Today on CNN, Jeanne Moos showed clips of the year’s worst/best quotes and phrases. My favorite, included in the list, was Jon Stewart calling Tucker Carlson a dick on Crossfire. Oddly enough, when CNN showed the clip, Stewart’s utterance of the word “dick” was bleeped. This from a network in a country which has a Vice-President named Dick.

4 Responses to “Whatever”

  1. Brave Kelso Says:

    The Bloom County/Opus comic strip in the colour comics on the weekend of December 31 – January 1 ran a little riff on the discovery of weblogs by the US media in 2004. Opus the penguin was flashing his round tummy at two babes after hearing them say that “Webbed blobs” were hot.

  2. Brad Says:

    Perhaps you all could adopt an unpronounceable symbol, and those of us who faithfully read your insights could refer to you collectively as “The Web Sites Formerly Known as Blogs”, or “TWSFKAB’s” for short.

    The newest cool net trend for ’05 will be the Webnoscenti referring to their favorite “twisfcabs” in all the cool bars, waiting for the great unwashed to catch on and start dropping the phrase into casual conversation.

    Question: How long will it take this trend to be noticed by Wired Magazine? Will Time or Newsweek pick up on it first?

  3. randy Says:

    It’s funny you should mention that, because I tried working the Prince name thingee into this equation, but couldn’t come up with anything. The Website Formerly Known As A Blog: TWFKAAB. Or it could be stretched out a bit, to: TWEFKAAB. There, that should work. “Hey, I’ve just started a twefkaab”, or, “Have you see Brad’s twefkaab, it’s totally the bomb!”

  4. Chloe Says:

    Who cares about “blog” – let’s just ban “blogosphere” – it’s SOOOOOOOO DORKY!!! I always cringe when I see people using it all so seriously. I think because it conjures up visions of the person using it possibly being totally lost in delusions of grandeur. haha.

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