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Chill Out and Call Me

:: According to the Weather Network, this is life in Edmonton late next week.


:: Is there anyone out there who wants to Skype with me? Please?

3 Responses to “Chill Out and Call Me”

  1. Tony Says:

    The weather through the weekend, up to Tuesday seems to be mild for the season. It’s basically the same forecast as Winnipeg. I am planning to ski.

    The Skype thing looks interesting. I wonder if there are limitations based on sound card and computer mike. A telephone headset won’t work.

  2. Mike N. Says:


    Jason was bugging me to do this last year. Get hold of him.

  3. darcy Says:

    Hey, I’d Skype with you any time, but…no internet at home.

    Enjoy your weather. We are sitting at our usual +25 and above here. blarg.


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