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Blogomania Update – Back To Normal and Getting Better All The Time

:: Special thanks to Christina of BlogMoxie and Christine of Blogomania for responding quickly to my last post. Important points to note:

  • Blogomania is going nowhere but up – the company is growing and expanding. Blogomania has extended its hosting service to Blogmoxie clients, and vice versa: Moxie Design services are being offered to Blogomania clients.
  • Christina corrected my impression that BlogMoxie had suspended new hosting applications. In fact, by partnering with Blogomania, BlogMoxie is accepting new applications for hosting

So why was I having so many problems? Christine responded with the following critical information that explained what happened:

  1. On Friday night, Blogomania and BlogMoxie experienced a DDOS attack, followed by a second one. This ended around 4:00 am CST. It took staff members a few hours to resolve this, working through the night.
  2. On Saturday, the server on which Blogomania resides had a primary hard drive failure. A new drive was installed, and the backup was restored.

It’s important for me to emphasize that since switching to Blogomania in the fall of 2003, the service has been excellent. Christine and her team respond to Help Desk tickets quickly, and provide rock solid customer support. (My thanks also to Keith, who read my post and called to say he had no problems getting to the Blogomania site.)

What happened today was an anomaly. My father said many times, “Mechanical things break down.” Such is life. If you need a host, or need to switch, consider Blogomania.

One Response to “Blogomania Update – Back To Normal and Getting Better All The Time”

  1. Christine Says:

    I would like to stick my tongue out at the silly people out there that think a DOS attack is a good thing to do. Why do people do that? It’s the same eeeeeevil people that write viruses and stuff like that.

    I would also like to kick the server for misbehaving today, but that wouldn’t be a smart thing now that we’ve restored everything. “Mechanical things break down” is a good way to put it, but doesn’t make it any less frustrating! 🙂

    Thanks for being so understanding and concerned.

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