Musical Pause

:: Without going into details, it appears that my three-month foray back into the world of rock music has come to an end. Perhaps at a later date I will explain. Suffice it to say that circumstances leading to this event were beyond my control and had nothing to do with me. However, it is a great disappointment, as I was very much enjoying the creative process, and playing loud and angry electric music again after a 14-year break. Damn it.

7 Responses to “Musical Pause”

  1. Tony Says:

    You have the talent and experience so you just need to get a different venue. If you joined a fundamentalist church you could rock for Jesus 24/7. OK that was not a serious suggestion in itself, but there are lots of opportunities to perform if you are not tied into the dream of making it in the recording industry.

  2. darcy Says:

    Oh no! I’m really sorry the band didn’t work out for you….I know you were enjoying it. Better to “discover” those types of problems now, though, I suppose.

    Feel free to call me up anytime and play loud angry guitar music in my ear. Email me for my new phone number…..

  3. sharon Says:

    i’m sorry to hear that too. but, rock on, nonetheless!

  4. Murph Says:

    Well, that bites. I was hoping to hear you guys one day. Buncha Nancy Boys, indeed.


  5. Brad Says:

    Laddie, you can play loud and angry music any time you want……just apparently not with this group of people. Feces Occurrum…..there will be other opportunities.

  6. Lauren Says:

    …bummer.. 🙁

  7. Dr.T. Says:

    I would always call you a real guitar player, but would feel bad calling you a real Nancy-boy. Crank up the tele’ till the tubes start to shake and and grind Born to Run a couple of times, you’ll feel better. Cause tramps like us…………

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