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What th-?

:: The entire state of Connecticut was almost evacuated today, when someone pushed the wrong button.

:: First Brad and Jennifer, now Bloom and Bosworth? Methinks Legolas has shot too many arrows in the wrong direction. What was he thinking? Breaking up with Kate? That radiant smile, that thoughtful gaze? Kate, if you need a shoulder to cry on, gimme a call.

2 Responses to “What th-?”

  1. garth danielson Says:

    What possible reason would they have for evacuating a whole state, all at one time? Are there a lot of nukes there, perhaps primed to unleash hell at a moments notice. I find I don’t really know anything about that state. I did drive through there once, or maybe twice. It’s all a fog from back then. Once with Mike for sure, we went through in the middle of the night on our way to Boston. Mike liked Fenway Park…I did not go. I am sorry now I didn’t go, I could be looking back and say I didn’t even like baseball after seeing it in Fenway Park. Doesn’t Harford have a lot of insurance. The state Tourist page says they have 52 getaways. I didn’t look to see what they were, perfering to leave it a mystery. It the birth state of the current Bush president, good reason to get the hell out.

  2. Murph Says:

    A friend who lives in CT had no idea this had happened.


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