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Spam Spam Spam Spam

:: Didn’t think spamming could get any worse? Think again:this isn’t good news:

SPAMMERS TRY A NEW TACK – Tired of being blocked by “blacklists,” spammers are turning to a new technique — routing it directly through the computers of their Internet service providers, rather than sending it from individual machines. The result poses a dilemma: to block spam coming directly from an ISP’s servers would mean blocking all its mail, crippling the system. “From what we’ve seen, the volumes of this type of spam are going up dramatically,” says Steve Linford, who heads up the Spamhaus Project. “We’re really looking at a bleak thing” if ISPs don’t quickly deploy countermeasures, he adds. Such measures could include more aggressive monitoring and limiting how much mail is being sent from individual machines on their networks. In addition, ISPs should beef up efforts to authenticate mail they pass on through their own computers, says Linford. A study released yesterday estimates that deleting spam costs nearly $22 billion per year in lost productivity, based on a survey of 1,000 adults who said they spend about three minutes per day trashing spam when they check their e-mail. (Washington Post 4 Feb 2005) <…> – (requires registration to view)

2 Responses to “Spam Spam Spam Spam”

  1. Keith Alias Big Honking Hard Drive Says:

    I can’t tell what is meant by the phrase “routing it directly through the computers of their Internet service providers”. Sounds good, in a journalistic sense, but technically says nothing. Who is “their”? The spammers? The victims? Is this the same trick used by many viruses: contacting the victim’s server directly using a customized SMTP engine? Who knows. Reporters tend to have half the details and create their own story anyway.

  2. cindi Says:

    One word: Postini. It totally rules.

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