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:: Entries are few and far between of late. On the other hand, Tony is on a blog roll, so to speak, creating interesting, diverse, lengthy, and intelligent posts on various topics. It is a long weekend in Alberta, and in other parts of Canada, I believe. On Saturday morning, I rehearsed with Amelia for a concert we are performing on Wednesday, Feb 23. Last Thursday evening, I jammed with Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys’ drummer David Leigh, just the two of us. We ran through the twelve songs I’ve learned since joining the band in November, now down to two people. I’ve decided to continue playing with David as he recruits another bass player. The truth is, the practices and rehearsals in December and January were becoming more and more enjoyable, and I was having fun creating loud, angry, noisy, interesting electric music again. I don’t have a lot of fun, or to be more exact, probably don’t allow myself to let more joy enter my life. I remain too guarded.

What has happened in these practices is that the rock musician deep inside me is stirring, wanting to remerge again. I’ve played guitar for 38 years, most of it acoustic, but I’ve always felt I was an electric guitarist at heart. I hope David can find a bass player soon; he insists he has a number of candidates interested in joining up. I am impatient for progress on this front. I want to play live again and have fun.

Movie going is down. I’ve seen four films this year, but should pick up soon. Most of the stuff in theatres that I haven’t seen yet is shyte, mindless pap released by the studios to get us through the awards season. I’m watching too much tv as well, a 45-year addiction that won’t let go.

Yesterday I attended a party at Latitude 53, called 53 Ways to Leave Your Lover. My friend and library colleague Allison Sivak, who is on the executive of L53, invited a number of us to attend, and I enjoyed it. It was karaoke night, and Allison and I shrieked our way through The Immigrant Song, but without the cats and the boat. The song holds a special meaning to me, it was one of three Led Zep songs I played while a member of Ram, the first band I of which I was a member, in 1970-71.

I attended the party with my friend Marissa, an independent set designer with a great eye for clothing and dress. Afterwards we went for a slice, and she gave me a pink shirt and a pair of pink Converse runners, the intention being to begin building me a hip and interesting wardrobe I could use when performing, and beyond. Stay tuned for reports.

Today was dim sum with Taras and Paul, followed by coffee with Taras, which, as always, led to a series of good discussions about this and that. I’ve been joining them for dim sum for over a decade now, always following the meal with coffee with Taras in the Little Italy section of Edmonton. Last week, we switched locations for coffee, impatient for the bar we usually attend to invoke its no smoking policy (which happens 1 July 2005). The new location is a flower shop that also sells dishes and related kitchen items and stoneware, and features one long table where we can sit, drink our lattes, and chat. The atmosphere is considerably different: quiet, fresh air that smells of fresh flowers, and the sound of running water.

In the evening, I was a guest for dinner at the home of Joan, the mother of a friend and colleague, together with my friend’s two daughters, and two exchange students from China who board with Joan, while my friend and her husband (also a friend) were off for a short vacation. Joan cooks a mean roast beef dinner, together with mashed potatoes, peas, hot biscuits, and mouth-watering chocolate cake for dessert. A game of hearts followed, with Wei, one of the Chinese students, winning the game.

Tomorrow I am hoping to meet with Robert, if he makes the drive from Lethbridge to visit his mother. If I find the energy, I’ll go for a short workout, and hope to do more cleaning and reading. On Tuesday morning, two colleagues and I will be presenting one segment of a five-part morning lecture on engineering ethics and integrity. I am off Wednesday and Friday this week.

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