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As sharp as a sack of wet mice (F. Leghorn)

It’s a long weekend in Canada, and I’ve moved through today as fast as if I was walking through that proverbial tar. I was up late last night, arriving home after seeing the incredible Ann Vriend perform again in Edmonton. (Aside: it is a great thrill watching Ann, with so much talent, when she performs locally, developing her many talents before your eyes. When her first album appears, watch for more accolades from me).

So where was I? After arriving home, I watched Law & Order: SUV (sic), and then played on the computer before realizing it was 2:00 am – the kiss of sleep death for me. I didn’t really get moving this morning until noon. I did get 30 mins on the Y cross-trainer, then dragged my sorry ass to Red Dragon, which was engaging but a bit long for me. I returned home, and damn it if I didn’t fall back into bed again.

I’ve been attempting to load code from the Scriptygoddess site that allows for expanding and collapsing of entries, but I cannot get it to work, so I’ve raising the white flag on that one. I copy code like the next person, but sometimes I don’t do it well, I guess.

2 Responses to “As sharp as a sack of wet mice (F. Leghorn)”

  1. zuchris Says:

    What’s this code doing to/for you? Trying to see if I can lend a hand here.

  2. randy Says:

    Z: I appreciate the help. I’ve reinput the code into this site, which you can see doesn’t work at all, and looks like crap. I also input the code into my test site,, where it seems to be working. (NOTE: Open that URL in a new window, it looks like hell in a comment window)

    I’ve sent comments to Jennifer at Scriptgoddess, and she’s already responded once. (I understood her response, as well!) But it still isn’t working. There must be some screwed up code in my index file.

    If you want to check it out, please do. Many thanks – Randy

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