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The State of the Onion

:: I’ve been fortunate to have received paper copies of The Onion for a number of years. This is because a friend of mine who works at U Wisconsin Madison collects and mails them to me in a big fat envelope every few months. The Onion began as an amateur campus publication in 1988, before hitting the big time in the mid-1990s. Now comes word that there will be an Onion movie, called The Untitled Onion Movie, at least so far. For more detail on the newspaper and its history, read The State of the Onion, from the U Wisconsin alumni journal, On Wisconsin.

2 Responses to “The State of the Onion”

  1. Garth Danielson Says:

    We have been getting the free Twin City version of the Onion since early last year. i was just reading it today. It’s been slowly turning up around town at places you would find other free local papers.
    When the other DreamHaven was open in Dinkytown a few years ago there was a clipping that everyone always enjoyed about a comic book clerk who was going out on a date…that’s big news in our crowd.
    For those people not in the know, there are some great collections that are reasonably priced and almost guaranteed to have a laugh or more per page.

  2. N. Arael Says:

    I would like to receive a copy of State of the Onion newspaper, how do I get them? If I can receive past copies of the newspaper that would be great!

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