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Hard Day’s Night

:: I took the day off and prepared for Geoff’s arrival in the afternoon, at which time the work began. Geoff brought tools, including a mitre saw. I finished removing the underlay, staples, and carpet beforehand. We borrowed a sabre saw (aka jigsaw) from a kind neighbour, to use to trim pieces of laminate. Geoff installed each piece of laminate, which involved a lot of going to and from the driveway where the saws were set up. I did what I could to help as his assistance, basically, including removing tiles from the bathroom and hall closet. The tile in the closet, btw, had been glued to the top of a chunk of carpet – amazingly bad work. Geoff said he’d never seen that before, and he knows home repair and maintenance. See pictures of today’s work.

We stopped working around 7:00 pm, and drove to Home Depot and Wal-Mart, to check vinyl floor coverings (imitation tile), buy more paint (some of the Scotland Road green paint had peeled during the day), and to check on home entertainment shelves.

More videos of the day’s fun are forthcoming after the damn things upload!.

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