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Success, Mostly

Thanks to Jennifer (a Scriptygoddess) and Zuchris for continued encouragement and suggestions on implimenting the collapse and expand code. What I did in the end was this: I rebuilt the Main Index from the BLOG template, carefully inserted Jennifer’s code, and it’s working. So far. Now I need to rid myself of the “More… ” link, so that the “continued >>” one remains only.

The Minnesota Twins, my original favorite team when I was a kid in Winnipeg in the 60s, collapsed this afternoon, losing the ALCS to Anaheim. Such is life. I will now cheer for Anaheim to win the World Series, which I think would be wonderful. Love to see underdog teams in the MLB playoffs this year, rather than the Yankees, Braves, etc. Makes it more interesting. Good luck Anaheim. As for the Twins, thanks for a great season, and for making the MLB Commissioner look like the ass that he is for suggesting your team be contracted.

3 Responses to “Success, Mostly”

  1. zuchris Says:

    All the thanks go deservedly to Jennifer. I didn’t do anything. I am happy though that you finally got it to work. It’s comforting to know that someone else can be as neurotic as I am when it comes to this sort of stuff.

  2. geoff Says:

    Your site is truly inspirational! I have also added expandable comments and “more” options to my site, lest I fall too much in your shadow. By the way, I’m glad to see that you are getting back to writing about life–the essence of blogging–and not just coding. NOT that coding does not create great joy (the sum amount of “joy” being directly equated to the amount of time one puts in divided by the amount of frustration and Scotch accumulated and consumed during the process…)

  3. randy Says:

    Zuchris: Your site inspired my neurotic behaviour, so take some credit for my success, however limited! Geoff, thanks for the kind words, don’t sell your site short, my friend. I look at your graphics (and the graphics on Z’s site), and stand in awe of you both. R

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