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Wasps At The Speed Of Sound

:: Word up: Are you looking for that perfect gift for yourself or a friend/lover/relative who (like yourself) enjoys literate, well-written science fiction, and enjoys supporting local talent? Look no further than my friend Derryl Murphy‘s first release, Wasps At The Speed of Sound. Wasps is the first published collection of eleven of Derryl’s short stories, which he describes as “environmental SF”, many of which I have read already and can attest to the high quality and originality of his writing. The title story is quite imaginative and riveting.

Information on ordering Wasps At The Speed Of Sound is in Derryl’s entry about the book, which is available in hardcover (HC) and trade paperback (TP). I’ll be ordering a copy soon, and encourage you do to so as well. Congratulations, D. And what’s the latest on Napier’s Bones? 🙂

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