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600 Choice Words for the Chatterers

:: As an avid moviegoer, and someone who used to do this occasionally myself many decades past, I can relate quite easily to this timely essay by Peter Mehlman. Mehlman attended a showing of Crash, the brilliant new movie by Paul Haggis, and had the unfortunate luck to sit within earshot of a couple who talked through the entire movie. Read 600 Choice Words for the Chatterers, and weep for all who have lived through such an experience. Sure, maybe he could have switched seats, but maybe not, either.

3 Responses to “600 Choice Words for the Chatterers”

  1. Garth Danielson Says:

    Talkers are one of the major reason’s I don’t go out to the theater very much anymore. I would normally tell people to be quiet if they talk for more than 5 minutes. Don’t be shy, they need to be told. Unless they look like murders or gang members, best to move from their vicinity. Some people think it’s their right to talk where ever they are. Some people have a great sense of entitlement, based on a foundation of selfishness and topped off with a dollop of ignorance. “I hate the public”, that’s one of my catch phrases.
    Mostly I like watching things at home, on dvd. You can get a nice movie that you can watch over and over for the cost of a movie ticket.
    I plan to get out to see Star Wars in the theater but at a cheaper early show, once the crowds settle down.
    Glad to hear your teeth are feeling better, teeth pain are the worst. The close relationship of pain to brain is hard to ignore.

  2. Michael Hall Says:

    I don’t go to movies any more, unless it’s a special occasion — going out with you, Randy — or a special movie — like the best of Cannes Commercials at the Garneau or Princess. It sounds churlish, but I found one link that claims Star Wars III is coming out in November on DVD and I’m gonna wait until then.

  3. stuart Says:

    Randy, you and ten million others are not alone! Check this web page:


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