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Mixed Bag Special 1

The world of search engines is ever-changing. Check out KartOO SA, a meta-search engine that returns results graphically, presenting a map of links to the user. It reminds me a bit of WebBrain. I don’t know much about KartOO, so don’t know how its coverage compares to the Big Engines, like Google or AltaVista.

Common Dreams “is a national non-profit citizens’ organization working to bring progressive Americans together to promote progressive visions for America’s future. Founded in 1997, we are committed to being on the cutting-edge of using the internet as a political organizing tool – and creating new models for internet activism.” Lots of stuff here applicable to us in Canada too.

Behind the Beat is an online magazine (no, not a “zine”, dammit!) that provides links to musicians talking about their latest works. They call it “audio portraits”. You can hear Steve Earle talk about his controversial tune, John Walker’s Blues.

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