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Lexy and Me

:: With SLA over, it’s time for visiting. Tomorrow, I will meet my Dad’s first cousin, Susan, who is coming by the hotel around noon to take me to see her mother, my Great-Auntie Anne, whom I have not seen since probably the late 50s/early 60s. I spent this evening with my dear friend Alexis, who lives in Toronto and is working hard to make it in the entertainment industry (audition after audition…) We went for dinner at a restaurant with a lounge called Lexy, so I had to take a picture of her under the sign. Later we went for drinks at Montana’s, where her friend took a picture of us there. Finally, it was coffee at Starbucks, where she looked up at the CN Tower while we sipped our cuppas.

Alexis is the daughter of an old friend from Winnipeg who has lived in Calgary for many years. I hadn’t seen her since 2001, and we had planned to go for dinner on her 18th birthday in Calgary in February 2002, but a few days before, my 1990 Corolla was written off in the now infamous carport fire at my house. So we celebrated 3.5 years later, and had a great time. She is planning to go to McGill in August to study voice. I am proud of her determination and drive, love her and miss her dearly, and wish her the best of luck – she is a very special and dear friend. She has an amazing voice, and deserves much success after so many years of dedication and hard work honing her singing and acting skills. Watch for her in a soccer commercial, where she plays an Italian woman having shoe problems (or something like that, anyway); currently it’s playing on PPV sports channels in Canada, but may make it to cable soon.

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