26 June 2005

:: Haven’t posted much lately, been too busy with work and other activities. I am flying to Winnipeg on July 1 for a 9-day visit. My house remains a disaster area, with boxes and assorted materials, curios, doodads, books, CDs, papers and other junk laying about, the aftermath of the continuing, no-end-in-sight home renovation project.

I am hoping to switch over to WordPress sometime soon.

2 Responses to “26 June 2005”

  1. jenB Says:

    why are you switching?

    and funnY! because doodad is my current favourite word.

  2. steve 40 Says:

    I am going to be in Alberta for a week to go to Westercon
    in Calgary. I was hoping to see some of the Edmonton crowd down there (it starts on June 30th I think). Ah well, have a nice time in Winnipeg, say hi to your parents from me.

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