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Zocalo in Edmonton

.: My regular Sunday morning activities include dim sum followed by coffee in the Little Italy section of Edmonton. For the past few months, my friend T and I have been frequenting a very imaginative and original flower and gift shop called Zocalo, also home to a friendly coffee bar. While there today, I took a few digital photos of some of the colourful displays. The web site offers the following description:

Zocalo is a courtyard oasis, a visual feast of leisure and garden-related ideas that invite you to enjoy special items, a coffee and the lush green of it all. At Zocalo you’ll find a blend of the down-to-earth practical with the luxurious decadent, always with an artistic flare.

Literally, a “zócalo” is a public square. In Mexico these squares are central to the city’s social life. Lined with trees and park benches, these public courtyards are buzzing with activity and life. So, too, is Canada’s first Zocalo, tucked away in the Italian district of Edmonton, Alberta.

Zocalo offers aesthetically and functionally superior gardening related products at competitive prices. The store features a genuine coffee bar, funky fresh-cut flowers, select indoor plants, quality tools, and simple, eclectic décor items. Here you’ll find an array of local, national and international surprises that touch on simple courtyard, garden and entertaining pleasures.

“Oasis” is a very accurate description of Zocalo. The store is filled with many unique and colourful flowers, ceramics, pottery, vases, seasonal plants, and as it says, “electic décor items.” Recently I’ve been buying one or two flowers each week for my home. I was pleasantly surprised to discover two birds of paradise flowers in the store, and I bought them both, along with a larger vase to hold them.

3 Responses to “Zocalo in Edmonton”

  1. Loretta (mom) Says:

    They truly are a work of art, and I love the way they just stand so tall and proud inviting everyone to just look at them and admire

  2. Carolyne Sidey Says:

    We visit Edmonton from Ontario 1-2 times per year. I will visit this store as it looks so nice. But the main question: where do you find good dim sum in Edmonton?

  3. Colleen Says:

    Great dim sum at Noodle Noodle on 106 Avenue & 100 Street – not that far from Zocalo’s

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