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.: Steve Martin hosted SNL for the 14th time last weekend. The opening sequence, his monologue, and a later sketch all played off the new record, and featured Alec Baldwin in a couple of hilarious bits. Milk and Cookies has links to the sketches, all worth the time to watch them.

.: A good reason to avoid downloading and installing Google Desktop.

.: Tomorrow I begin my NINT stint, so to speak, and it coincides with the busiest week of my year, as I am teaching in four classes, and also rehearsing for a Feb 22 noon concert with Amelia. This weekend, I made it to the Y twice for 40-minute cycling workouts, a routine I need to reestablish right away.

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  1. Brad Says:

    Your google desktop avoidance good reason link is not active…….and I am left to wonder why I shouldn’t download google desktop……why Randy, why?? Can’t you hear my anguished cry? (hmmmm, waitaminnit, I think I need to go write a song……)

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