.: If this wasn’t on the BBC site, one would think it was written for The Onion: 21 people were rescued after they fell nine feet when a floor collapsed during a health and safety meeting at an educational supplies firm in Hyde in the UK.

.: February began with the trip to Toronto to present at the OLA Conference, followed by a few days in Winnipeg. Upon returning, I prepared and delivered five lectures to various engineering classes and started working at NINT half-days the same week. In the midst of all this, I was also rehearsing with Amelia for a concert we played today as part of the Music Wednesdays at Noon series, which went quite well, and was appreciated by all who attended. Now I can take a breath or two, and begin working on a presentation for the upcoming 231st American Chemical Society National Meeting in Atlanta. I am participating in the Social Software and Chemical Information program on Sunday, March 24th. While in Atlanta, I will spend some time hangin’ with my lawyer cousin, Adam. I was in Atlanta once before, in 1994.

I need sleep.

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  1. amanda Says:

    wow, you’ve been busy. that Social Software program looks fabulous, you science types got it goin’ on 😉

  2. Teri Says:

    I was hoping to have most of my presentation for the Social Software & Chemical Informaiton program done by now, but my non-work life has taken precedence (bought a condo earlier this quarter, moving in this weekend). If I can catch a reprieve from all my meetings this week, maybe I’ll be able to start on it.

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