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White Out

.: From Friday night to Saturday night, Edmonton received >18 cm (~7.1″) of snow, about 3 cm short of the record for March 18th. Edmonton had no permanent snow until Feb 21 or 22, so I can’t complain about this much snow so late in the winter. The only complaint is a typical one: the City of Edmonton never gets the roads cleared of snow with any speed whatsoever, and the side roads and residential streets are always ignored. Yesterday after shovelling my driveway, I got into my car and backed out onto the street, where the vehicle was stuck immediately, unable to move forward because of too much snow underneath the car. No one was around to help, and I spent 20 minutes digging myself out.

No worries: winter ends tomorrow morning!

.: 21 March 2006 update: apparently a record was set on Saturday, as just over 22 cm of snow fell that day.

2 Responses to “White Out”

  1. Steve 40 Says:

    After suffering under one of the cloudiest and wettest winters ever, we finally had a great weekend with temperatures around 14 in Pitt Meadows (suburb of Vancouver) and I even got a tan at Wreck Beach. Last week I had snow on the ground which lasted for 6 days. Oh well the flowering Cherries are all out in bloom now and spring has finally sprung.

  2. Fluffy Snakes Says:

    Yeah, I got stuck in my car before I could drive to the gas station to buy gas for the snow blower. Kind of ironic, eh? Slightly longer story at:

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