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Atlanta (2)

.: A few photos from my Atlanta trip are available for viewing. I am unable to upload these from my hotel room for some reason, so am doing it from inside the ACS Exhibition area.

My presentation yesterday morning went well, with about 40 people in attendance. I was the sixth of eight speakers. I tried sleeping in the afternoon, then attended a couple of low-keyed receptions. This morning, after eating more junk food at the food court at CNN Center, I went through some of the exhibits, spoke to a few vendors, including an FBI Special Agent at the FBI Special Agent booth. I left to go to the Georgia Aquarium, which despite the build-up, wasn’t that impressive to me. I think my reaction was based on the lack of spectacular tropical fish, but also because the place was jammed with people, many pushing strollers. It was too hot, and often difficult to see any exhibits. Still, it was worth the visit. Tonight I’m meeting my cousin for dinner, then home tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Atlanta (2)”

  1. Donna Dempster Says:

    I hope the weather’s been good for you.
    Have you bought my present yet?

  2. Andrea Twiss-Brooks Says:

    The presentation that you mention is available as PowerPoint or PDF slides with accompany MP3 audio from the Division of Chemical Information website:

    To find your presentation (as well as those of the other 7 speakers in the session), click on the meetings button and look for the Technical Session link for the Atlanta program. Yours is paper #6.

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