A Character Test?

So it’s Thursday night, and I haven’t solved the blurring problem (as you no doubt can tell yourselves.) Argh. As well, I discovered when I went to pay for some groceries and photos at Costco that my AMEX card is missing. Wonderful. And a week from tonight I’ll be in NYC. I called AMEX and they put a “hold” on my card while I look for it (and they verified that no additional charges have appeared on it since I last used it, which suggests I’ve misplaced it somewhere.)

I’ve looked around the house, the car, checked my wallet and pants and jacket pockets a zillion times, even emptied parts of a bookcase, thinking it might have fallen off the top stairs out of a pants pocket. *sigh*

Life is grand. I bumped into Kel at work today. She seemed to be all energy, but said she was tired. I will look for an “I Heart NY” shirt for her next week when I’m there. As for me, I was impatient today. Now I’m annoyed at having lost my credit card, and not being able to solve the blurring problem. Blurred…perhaps it’s a metaphor for my life tonight.

2 Responses to “A Character Test?”

  1. kelly Says:

    I see no such blurring.

  2. randy Says:

    Thanks Kelly. I think I’ve fixed it. – Randy

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