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Fred Goss, Sons & Daughters, and More Proof That Network TV Executives Are Weasels

.: In a previous post, I raved about the brilliant ABC show, Sons & Daughters, easily the funniest network sitcom I’d seen since Seinfeld, and partially improvised to boot. ABC, in classic fashion, showed great faith in the show by cancelling it after 10 episodes, proving yet again, that network television executives cannot recognize talent and creativity when it is staring them right in their collective faces. Scheduling the show opposite American Idyll didn’t help the cause either. I haven’t felt this passionate about a television show being yanked before its time since ABC tanked the equally brilliant My So-Called Life.

A petition to bring the show back to ABC is online and I’d encourage you to sign it.

Fred Goss, the co-creator, Executive Producer, Writer & Director of the show, is on MySpace and YouTube, and posted two short videos that are worth watching. Fred writes, “This is the presentation I used to sell a pilot to NBC last year. It also led to the sale of Sons & Daughters at ABC. I shot this for under 5000.00 dollars and obviously it was worth every penny.” If you haven’t seen Sons & Daughters, the video has very much the same feel as the show, improvisation, actors playing off one another.

Of the following video, Fred writes, “These are a compilation of additional scenes to the weekends presentation. If you haven’t already watched weekends, I recommend that you watch that before watching this.”

As for Sons & Daughters, read this post, a great summary of why the show is so good. Missed the show? Check the links at the bottom of the aforementioned post, which will take to you videos of all the shows, available on YouTube until ABC yanks them. Brilliant stuff, funny, edgy, and worth the time to watch.

.: The band I am in, Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys, played its first gig last night with its current lineup, with me on guitar. We played 14 songs, including 12 originals by David Leigh, the drummer and lead singer. Overall, it went well. Pictures will be posted soon. Many friends and colleagues were in attendance, and my thanks to each of them for taking the time to support my musical escapades.

7 Responses to “Fred Goss, Sons & Daughters, and More Proof That Network TV Executives Are Weasels”

  1. Debi Says:

    I only saw bits and pieces of a couple of episodes. I love Max Gail, and figured it had to be good if he was in it. It WAS really clever and funny, which is amazing in this era of crap-tv-land. I was hoping to see all episodes when they re-ran season 1. Since it is cancelled, that shoots my hopes all to hell. Another great one (a la Deadwood) down the hole. Geez.

  2. Garth Danielson Says:

    I had not seen this before tonite. I hardly watch regular things on tv, and certainly not new sitcoms. i wait and pick up the dvd. I can see why this didn’t do well just from these clips. Not mass apeal stuff. These people were pretty awful, that would take some time to grow on most people. I who revel in the odd don’t seem to mind them. Did the swearing make it to the show when it was broadcast, was it bleeped. I’m curious. I don’t like the modern way of tv or movie marketing that the higher end players use. Must be instant success or it’s gone. A show like this would need time to work it self out and gain some audience – ten weeks not enough. Next month two Bruce Campbell (cancelled after first season) shows are coming out on dvd. The Adventures of Brisco County and Jack of All Trades. That blond actress on the latter is a stunningly beautiful. I’d have to look up her name, I forgot.

  3. Randy Says:

    Garth: Thanks for the comment. The swearing was part of the presentation designed for Fred’s pitch to the networks. Sons & Daughters had no foul language in any of its (brilliant) shows. – randy

  4. heather Says:

    I hate that sons and daughters was cancelled.. it was an awesome show and always made me laugh after a long day at work..

  5. Stevan Says:

    Are you kidding me??
    I stumbeled across the web site trying to find out if this show was airing again in the fall and on what network.
    You’re telling me that those brainless network idiots canceled this show. No doubt one of the best shows that I’ve ever seen. Muli fasitated humor and truly a great treasure. I would have taped the shows if thought there was any chance of them canceling it.

    thanks……….you IDIOTS

  6. E-Dogg Says:

    Has anyone (another network) purchased the rights to the show? I think it’d be great on HBO… one of the last vestiges of good taste and intelligence on television. Any news on a DVD set of the episodes that were shot? It’s a shame really… anything remotely intelligent and/or subtle dies in our culture… “LOST” is a piece of garbage, a Gilligan’s Island ripoff compared to this show. I felt the same way when NBC canned “Homicide.” What a brilliantly written show with a stellar cast… but “NYPD Blue” lived on for seemingly DECADES after that… god what a piece of excrement THAT show was in comparison. Wish I could say I’m surprised by the actions of ground-breaking network executives…

  7. James Says:

    Network execs are horrible. I’ve only seen 2 episodes on UNIHD and can tell it’s better than 90% of the junk that is still on TV. Arrested Development was one of the greatest shows ever and it gets canceled. Now I find another show that seems good and it’s canceled before I even know what network had it. To E-Dogg though, I have to disagree about “Lost”. Lost has some of the best character development on any show in years, I’m actually thankful to ABC execs for that show.

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