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DC Bound

.: I am sitting in a MARC Train railcar at the moment, on the way from Baltimore to Washington DC. When I arrive in DC I will spend the day walking around the area known as The Mall, which includes The Smithsonian, Capital Bldg, White House, Library of Congress, etc. My friend Meghan, from U Minnesota, will meet me at Union Station and hang out with me.

Later on, I’ll grab another train and go to Alexandria VA to visit with Alexia for a couple hours before returning to Baltimore.

Yesterday I went to Johns Hopkins with Mary (at whose home I am staying in Baltimore), and then we drove to Annapolis, where we walked around the US Naval Academy grounds, and had dinner at a restaurant where we dined on an outside table overlooking some Chesapeake Bay marinas while the sun set. In all, a glorious day. Pictures will follow soon.

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